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The Art of the Interview

Make sure you make an impression

Finding a bartending job can be tough if you haven't mastered the interview.  You need to understand what your possible employer is looking for and then show it to him/her. 

Most bar managers are looking for someone who can keep the party going.  If you go into your interview tired or act shy you could have just stayed home.  You will not get the job.  Make sure to be energetic and enthusiastic.  Ask questions about the venue and be interested in their answers.  Employers don't want bartenders who cannot hold a conversation.

Make sure you look the part.  Don't show up for your interview with ripped jeans and dirty fingernails.  Noone wants to be served food or drink from that guy and the manager needs to be able to envision you behind the bar to hire you.  Try to look neat and stylish.  These are the kind of people you can expect to get the job if you don't.

Let the interviewer know that you are confident and competant.  If you are extremely than they will probably be doing you a favor by not hiring you.  If you cannot handle an interview you will get eaten alive when your bar is 6 people deep all the way down and everyone in the club is yelling at YOU.  The person conducting the interview knows this as well.  Make sure you're able to stay cool under pressure.

As long as you go in looking presentable and are able to talk to the interviewer like he was just another guy that you are not afraid of you'll have as good a shot as anyone.

Good luck.

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