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Protect Yourself: Health Insurance is Important

Make sure that you are protecting yourself with proper insurance just in case...

As a bartender, more often than not you are not going to be offered benefits at work.  Having health insurance is quite a bit more important than you may think. 

Everyone always thinks that "it" can't happen to them.  This philosophy seems great as long as nothing happens to you.  If you do, however, get in a car accident, get very sick, or even something worse happens to you you will surely wish you had made a better decision about insurance when you had a chance.  A serious injury can cost tens of thousands of dollars in hospital bills and if you have to pay for this yourself you wil almost certianlly find youself in a financial catastrophy. 

When you get health insurance you are not only protecting yourself.  If you are lucky enough to have friends and family that love you they will most likely not stand by and watch you die bacause you cannot affort treatment for the cancer that snuck up on you.  Aside from your own bank account disappearing your parents financial security, that they have worked their whole life to achieve, may be decimated as well.

While serious desease and injury are terrible things to think about, you still need to be realistic.  They do exist and have to happen to someone.  There is no good reason to not make sure you are protected.

Be smart.  Look out for yourself.  GET HEALTH INSURANCE.


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