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Increase Effeciency With Teamwork

There are a lot of different jobs in a bar. Working together can make them all easier

In a bar you will generally have bartenders, barbacks, security personelle, a DJ, and often waitresses and shot girls.  If all these different groups are able to work together everyones job will be easier and you may even increase the ammount of money that you make.  If customers are having a good time they will be much more likely to part with their money than if they are simply waiting for their friends to be "ready to go".

The easiest person to get along with will probably be your barback(assuming he/she does a good job).  The barback is as interested in you making money as you are since you generally tip him out a percentage of your tips at the end of the night.  If you are having issues with your barback just make sure to address them in a respectful and direct way.  If your barback decides he doesn't want to play nice you will end up with and empty ice well and no clean glass ware.  Its tough to make any money if you cant make drinks.

Generally the security and the bartenders don't have a lot of interaction throughout a busy shift unless the bartender is in trouble.  You want to know where the security are posted and how to get their attention.  To help ensure that they keep an eye on you and make sure that no customers get out of hand its always a good idea to keep an eye out for them when they approach the bar.  They usually want water or pop so make sure they get it fast and are able to get back to work.

The DJ can be your best friend as a bartender.  Make sure he gets his drink in a timely fassion and he will probably have not problem reminding the customers that you are in fact working for tips.  Believe it or not an energetic DJ letting the crowd know to tip their bartenders can make a big difference.  Some people forget or flat out are not even aware that a tip is customary. 

Often the most difficult people to deal with for a bartender are his waitresses.  Remember though they are trying to make money just like you.  They generally tip you out at the end of the night and even though you may make more money by serving the drinks to the customers yourself, you cant ignore them.  Its important to remember that things need to run smoothly in all aspects of the bar.  If people arent getting their drinks from the waitresses they may not come back to the bar.  Fewer customers is never a good thing for the bartender.

As long as everyone is doing their best to make the customers have a good time, people will come back.  Remember that you're all on the same team and without the customer, noone has a job.


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