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Flair Bartending Pt3

Simple Tin Spins

If you're brand new to flair bartending you will be best off if you start from the very basics.  Trying to do too much too fast can be extremely

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frustrating.  It’s also a pretty good way to hurt yourself.  About as basic as you can get is simple tin spins.  That’s were we’ll begin today.


Half Tin Spin


A half tin spin is exactly what it sounds like.  It’s the act of spinning a mixing tin halfway around in your hand.  To perform this simple task you generally start by holding the mixing tin as though you were holding a drinking glass.  With the bottom of the tin towards your pinky finger, bend your wrist down towards the floor.  Then with a smooth wrist movement pull the tin up while simultaneously releasing your thumb and extending your fingers.  While the tin is spinning on your hand your hand should be open as far as possible and the tin should rotate on the ball of your palm.  When the tin has made a half rotation, simply close your hand around the tin. 


Full Tin Spin


A full tin spin is done almost identically to a half tin spin.  The only difference is that you allow the mixing tin to complete a full rotation and end in the same position that it started in.  Practice this move until its almost second nature. 


While you almost certainly want to be performing more complex moves behind the bar, you will use tins spins on a very regular basis.  The added benefit of mastering these tin spins is that it begins to get you comfortable with a tin in your hand.  The more comfortable you become doing these very simple maneuvers, the easier it will be to learn and master the more advance moves.


Once you master these simple tin spins try them out with a bottle.  Make sure you master these with both your right hand and left hand as well.  When you start flair bartending you don’t want to have to rely on being able to do things with only your dominant hand.  After you’ve mastered them with both hands, try spinning your mixing tins with both hands at once one in each hand.  You’ll have to be able to use both hands at once to be effective.


Be sure to check back regulary as we will be adding articles to this section regularly.  In the meantime make sure to read the other articles in the series.

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