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Flair Bartending Pt2

The Right Tools

Flair bartending is easier when you start off with the right tools.  Everything we discuss is available at

The first thing you will need is flair bottles.  You generally want at least 2 of them and 3 if you plan to juggle.  Starting off with glass bottles can get you

NOTE: Flair Bottles, Mixing Tins, Training Videos, and Other Flair Related Products Are Available At
in trouble because you will probably do a whole lot of dropping when you start.  Glass breaks.  When deciding which flair bottles to buy keep in mind what you use at work.  If you pour out of 1L bottles than that may be your best bet.  Remember that most places use 750ml bottles and this is what you will use in a competition.

You'll also need pour spouts.  Some flair bottles come with pour spouts but its not a bad idea to get a few extra.  You want to start off with the plastic spouts so you dont have any serious injuries while you're learning.  The plastic spouts tend to get smashed and chewed up from flair bartending but you want to make sure that you practice with them because when you're at work  you'll need to have the spouts in the bottle and that will throw you off. 

Another thing to look at is the type of mixing tins that you get.  You don't want anything with a coating or rubber of any kind on it.  This is because you need to be able to catch tins inside of other tins and seperate them easily.  For this reason the full metal tins are best.  You also have to look at wether you want weighted tins or non weighted tins.  Generally wieghted tins are best for flair bartending because the weight on the bottom lowers the center of gravity on the tin and allows it to spin in your hand or the air more easily.  With standard tins you can wrap tape around the bottom but that makes it tougher to seperate tins on the fly.

You also want a speed opener.  You may want several speed openers since they tend to get lost and they are cheap.  There's nothing fancy about opening a bottle of beer on the bottle opener bolted to the side of the bar. 

Once you get all your equipment in order its time to start learning to flair bartend. 

Be sure to check back regulary as we will be adding articles to this section regularly.  In the meantime make sure to read the other articles in the series.

NOTE:  Flair bottles, Mixing tins, Training Videos, and Other Flair Related Products Are Available At

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