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Flair Bartending Pt1

Why Flair?

Flair bartending can make bartending more fun, and can also add a lot of money to your tip jar.   Aside from the obvious benefit of making big money there are other benefits as well.

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One major benefit that is often overlooked is your ability to bartend when you are not flairing.  What I mean by that is the fluidity and grace that you will aquire from flair bartending.  A bartender who is profecient in flair bartending is going to have a smooth and controlled way about he has a bottle in his hand.  Many new bartenders and veterans have an uncomfortable look about them when they are working.  Practicing your bar flair can easily remedy this problem. 

Another benefit of flair bartending is that it adds another demension to your arsonal of assets.  When your applying for a job, the ability to move bottles and tins gracefully may make the difference between you and another bartender.  The more you have to offer the more likely it will be that you land that bartending job you've been looking for.

Now the obvious reason to learn to flair bartend.  You make more money.  There is no question about it.  You're working for your tips and a flair bartender is simply a lot more impressive to the customer.  More impressive means more tips. 

Even if you don't work in a bar where you're able to flair that doesn't mean that you should skip out on learning to flair.  You may want to work somewhere else later and you will almost certianlly become a better all around bartender because of it.

Be sure to check back regulary as we will be adding articles to this section regularly.  In the meantime make sure to read the other articles in the series.

NOTE:  Flair bottles, Mixing tins, Training Videos, and Other Flair Related Products Are Available At


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