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Establish Credit

While cash is great, it doesn't help much when you look at your credit score

When you are a bartender there is generally never a shortage of cash in your pocket.  While it is nice to have that cash available to you its not going to do much for you when you want to do something that requires a good credit score. 

Its a good idea to go ahead and get a credit card and use it.  The longer you have a credit card open the higher your credit rating will be(as long as you use it responsibly).  Ive met many bartenders whos credit is simply nonexistant.  When they want to finance anything they either get dinied or they get a terrible interest rate.

Another benefit of using a credit card is that today many of the credit card companies will offer rewards to you for using their card.  It costs you nothing but they will give you points towards things like vacations and electronics.  As long as you pay your bill on time you never spend any more than if you were to pay with cash.

Its easier than ever to apply for your first credit card.  You can apply online.  All you have to do is fill out a form and off you go.

Remember, you may not care much about your credit now, but when you look to buy a home or car in the future you'll be happy that you established credit when you were young. 


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