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Choosing Your Venue: Find The Bartending Job That's Best For You

What Bar, Club, or Restaurant Fits You Best?

When you decide to go out and find that perfect bartending job, make sure that it actually is a perfect bartending job for you.  The important part of this idea is that it is perfect for YOU.  If you end up working in a venue that you hate, many of the benefits of becoming a bartender in the first place cease to exist. 

The first rule that I always have followed is never work in a venue that you wouldn't go to and hang out at with friends.  If you totaly hate the theme/music of the bar you work in you are never going to be happy there.  Customers are going to pick up on this and, like it or not, your tips will reflect it as well.  

What's right for you: 

Bars - When I say bars I'm refering primarily to a pub or corner type bar.  When you work in these places you probably aren't going to be challenged all that much and you probably won't make the ammount of money as the bartender who is working at the newest club.  Bars are a good place to learn since they are not generally all that fast paces and the drink orders dont get too extravagent.  If you enjoy spending a lot of time talking to customers and building a base of regulars, than these types of bars might be a good place to work.

Restaurants - Restaurants can be a lot of work depending on where you work.  Most restaurants will make the bartender learn the entire menu along with specialty drinks served only at that restaurant.  You also spend a good deal of your time at the service bar at most restaurants.  This means that you wont spend a lot of time dealing with customers and if thats what you like restaurants may not be for you.  Ive also found that the money is not all that great unless you work at an upscale restaurant of some kind or a restaurand that has a nightclub atmosphere after dining yours.

Clubs - The nightclubs are where most bartenders would prefer to work.  The money is great, you are right in the middle of the party, and you're always a VIP at the other area clubs.  The downside is that a lot of bartenders just don't have what it takes to work in this fast paced environment.  If you are able to get in a situation where you are able to work in a nightclub make sure it is a place you can handle.  Don't go out and get a job at the newest techno club if you know that techno gives you a pounding headache the second its turned on.

Lounges - Im taliking about a cigar lounge in a restaurant where you don't need to deal with food, a martini bar, or any type of upscale VIP type venue.  To work in a lounge like this you will need to be very professional and extremely proficient.  Generally this type of venue will attract a high class clientele which means big tips.  Some people find these places to be a bit boring but there is a lot of money to be made.

Different Venues are right for different bartenders.  Make sure that you choose that one that fits you best.

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